Below you will find links to videos of Jeff and Becky Davidson along with some of the fathers mentioned in Common Man, Extraordinary Call. We hope these messages will encourage and uplift you!

I Wasn't Ready

Jeff shares his heart about being a special needs father.

Encouragement from Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson shares wisdom and encouragement on special-needs parenting and ministry, at Longview Heights Baptist Church in Olive Branch, MS.

A Touching Message From Becky

Becky speaks to the Rising Above Family following Jeff's death. The work must continue through us.

Meet Jason Vaden

Hear from a fellow special needs father who knows what it is like to become a special needs soldier.

Bring Me This Son

Jeff Davidson shares an encouraging message to churches committed to being and becoming the Luke 14 church.

Teaching Videos - Short Messages to Encourage You

The Flip Side

Jeff talks about finding a new perspective on the Flip-Side.

3 Things to Remember in Tough Times

Jeff reminds us of three vital truths we must remember when we don't feel loved.

Back to School

Jeff and Jon Alex share a back to school reminder for special needs parents.

The Power of Gratitude

Jeff reminds us of the power that gratitude can give us.

Drowning in Isolation

Surviving Life's Storms - "Drowning in Isolation"

Thinking or Sinking

Surviving Life's Storms - "Thinking or Sinking"

Remember He Sees You

Surviving Life's Storms - "Remember He Sees You"